Thursday, October 7, 2010

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Mississippi also known as “The Closed Society”, was a totalitarian state where African-Americans were being brutalized, arrested, and killed by racist white people. The state officials of Mississippi were so malevolent that they, enforced laws where African-Americans were deprived of voting privileges and furthermore, they made registration difficult by assessing tests knowing that African-Americans had lacked knowledge due to poor education. What these white politicians were doing was continuing white domination by creating a system where African-Americans were subjugated to a position of inferiority.
In the 1964 Malcolm X, delivered a speech at a Harlem rally about, delegates from the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party’s being denied seats at the Democratic National Convention. His speech was constituted from the continuing injustices and inequality acts being done by these white racists. Unlike any other activist, Malcolm X, thought that the only way of getting respect and being treated as first class citizens was to, adapt to the ways of the white racist man. The notion of non-violence and freedom songs were oblivious to Malcolm X because he believed that, whites were still running rampant and doing whatever they felt was necessary to keep African-Americans subjacent. In addition, Malcolm X made the correlation between Mississippi and Harlem because, he believed racism had no jurisdiction in the America, what was going on in Mississippi was also taking place in Harlem U.S.A.
It was clear to me that Malcolm X was talking and raising awareness within the African-American community. This was a man of fortitude and intelligence and never shied away from telling his brethrens about the malicious acts of white towards African-Americans. I believed his speeches were both significant and effective because, his ideologies which some may say militant and hectic, gave birth to the likes of Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, Stokley Carmichael just to name a few.

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  1. Hi Jose - Interesting - we'll look more at the specific analysis he applies to the situation - what does he see as the limits of the tactics being used by the Civil Rights movement at this time - ie civil disobedience and registering voters.